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Garden Design & Landscaping Services

Bespoke Garden Design

Garden Design Services
  • Initial consultation & review
  • Full survey & scaled drawings
  • Advice on materials, plants, levels and spaces
  • Concept overview and sketches
  • Pinterest ‘Mood Board’
  • Detailed construction & planting plans
  • Project management
  • Source materials & plant hire

It usually starts with a pencil, a pad, a tape measure and a friendly chat over a cuppa! We approach every new garden project individually and personally so that the resulting garden space (or spaces) unify with you and your family’s needs. Whether you want an architectural, low maintenance garden, a plot to cultivate flowers, vegetables and fruit, a garden where children can securely play or simply an outdoors space to relax (or even all of these), we talk through your requirements to originate a design that is both practical and achievable.

We love the concept of outdoor living so we work to make your garden space harmonise with your home life so that, when the weather permits, you can seamlessly utilise all of your living space.

We consult with you to produce sketches and plans and link you to your own Pinterest page where we can pin ideas and inspirations. Once we have a broad idea of what you require, we can organise a proper site survey, draw up plans and produce a detailed proposal including costs and timescales.

We can project manage from start to finish, including both hard and soft landscaping, planting and aftercare to ensure that your dream garden is realised and maintained.

Hard Landscaping

Hard Landscaping Services
  • Walls & Fencing
  • Paving, Paths & Patios
  • Pergolas & Balustrades
  • Drainage
  • Lighting
  • Decking
  • Seating & Furniture
  • Water features
  • Outbuildings

A major redesign inevitably calls for an amount of hard landscaping: the building of boundary and retaining walls, the erection of fences, pergolas and balustrades, the laying of patios, paths and decking and the installation of water features, rockeries and ornamental elements. We can organise all of the major landscaping construction, including the hire of plant and machinery, the supply of building materials and the removal and safe disposal of soil, rubble and timber.

No garden is complete without outbuildings (garages, sheds, storerooms, studios, log stores) and we can utilise your space to accommodate these and arrange for their supply and installation. Lighting is often an overlooked element that can transform your garden and make it a magical place as evening falls; carefully planned and installed lights enable you to use your outdoor space way after dark for relaxing or for socialising with friends and family.

In all of our garden design and landscaping we have a commitment to ecological considerations and aim to have a level of sustainability at the core of all of our plans. The use of recycled and reclaimed materials, water capture and recycling, sustainable and appropriate plantings, organic pest control, natural composting and the encouragement of pollinating insects are all aspects that we we endeavour to incorporate into our design wherever possible.

Soft Landscaping

Soft Landscaping services
  • Tree planting
  • Shrubs, perennials, herbaceous planting
  • Wild flowers, seeding and bulbs
  • Hedging
  • Irrigation systems
  • Turfing
  • Trellis cultivation
  • Maintenance recommendation

Of course, no garden is complete without plants, even in a low maintenance garden, so whether you want a garden to be natural, subtle, spartan or bold, our horticultural experience and knowledge can help you achieve your desired look. Our range of soft landscaping includes every layer of ecological sequence: aquatic plants, semi-aquatic plants, field layer plants (including grasses and herbaceous plants) shrubs and trees.

Sarah starts by assessing your needs: whether you have time to spend to tend a garden or whether an active lifestyle requires ‘self-sustaining’ planting. She then looks at the location, the direction of the sun, areas of shade, the quality of the soil and the surrounding fauna. The aim is to develop a living space that doesn’t only look active during the warmer months. We look at colours and structure and develop the planting to mature into its surroundings to complement and collaborate.

Looking after your garden can be a chore, especially for young professionals or even busy families; it’s often difficult to relax when there’s so many jobs to do. We can recommend a number of experienced gardeners and maintenance workers to help you keep on top of things.